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ncis_w_ffchall's Journal

NCIS_World Fanfiction Challenge
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Rules of Participation:

1) For the most part, there are only guidelines that need to be followed. The biggest rule is to respect the writers and the community, this isn’t meant for trashing the writer or community you hate, it’s for the fun of writing stories for one of our favorite shows.

2) Have fun. These challenges are made for the fun and enjoyment of the NCIS fanfiction writers, so have fun.

Rules of Posting:

1) Post your story in a new post to the challenge community, with the following:

Pairing: (if any)
Spoilers: (if any)
A/N: (you don’t have to write an Author Note, but they are nice to have)

2) You are allowed to post as many entries as you want, there is not limit.

Do Not’s:

1) No flaming! This is a nice place with nice people; I don’t want to see any bad behavior.

2) No plagiarism! Again, this is a nice place with nice people; I do not want to find people copying others work.

3) No slash pairings.

4) No stories with a rating of R or NC-17, I want these challenges to be as family friendly as possible, if you have any questions about what you should rate your story please e-mail: ncis_world@yahoo.com


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