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October Challenge
by nikkinor (nikkinor)
at October 3rd, 2005 (05:40 pm)

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I'm a bite late, sorry. I'm trying something a little different this month, hopefully we'll get some entries this month.

If anyone still wants to enter the September Challenge you can still post a story for it, just make sure you say it's for the September Challenge and not the October one.

October Challenge

Choose One Of The Following Two Beginning Lines:

1)“Didn’t Gibbs tell you to stop playing games on your computer?”
2)He (or She) laid the flower down sweetly, remembering the wonderful times they had shared.

Choose One Of The Following Four:

1)Splattered ketchup.
2)An odd colored flower.
3)Strong use of pairing of your choice.
4)A very happy ending, something lighthearted or funny.

Choose One Of The Following Two Ending Lines:

1)“Looks like we won’t be going home tonight.”
2)The clouds broke open and the rain pored down.

*Extra Challenging: Write something very scary, dark and/or twisted.